Bumblebee API

This API is a simple REST API for accessing and manipulating data from the Bumblebee application in a programmatic way.

The API can communicate with either the JSON format or the XML format. The format returned is based on the HTTP Accept header and will default to JSON.


This API is versioned so any changes we make will not break your existing code. The current version of each of the resources is mentioned at the top of the page, and will be mentioned in the API-Version header if you call the webservice without specifying a API-Version header.

If you don't specify a version for the API or if you are using an older version of an API, the API will report this to you in the API-Version-Warning header.


To make use of the API, you must first obtain an API token from the backoffice. API tokens can be created by administrators here.

For further information about the authentication, visit the authentication page